All Our Products Are Manufactured 

With A High Degree of Craftsmanship

Leveck Import Export furniture is produced by manufacturers located in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. We have fully investigated each and every one of them. That means the manufacturers whose products we import are those who have allowed us complete access to their facilities. We certify that their craftsmen are second-to-none when it comes to producing high-quality furniture.


Another important factor we consider is that these manufacturers are utilizing the highest quality materials in the construction of their furniture. We want you to be certain that the products you’re buying deliver maximum value to your customers.


Furthermore. We have chosen these manufacturers because, whenever possible, they are using environmentally-friendly materials to construct their furniture products. Materials like abaca, water hyacinth and others regenerate rapidly thereby not harming the local ecosystems.


In addition, we make certain these companies are manufacturing products that are representative of the styles and trends U.S. consumers are demanding for their homes.  We want to be certain that consumers will flock to your store because the Leveck furniture you purchase provides them with exactly what they are seeking in comfort, design and utility. 


Thank you for your interest in Leveck Furniture.

The Leveck Imports Ownership